Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Day Late, and .....

I got up early this morning, went for my 2.5 mile walk, and read the paper while drank my one allotted cup of coffee. Then I got busy on the only challenge I've ever taken the time to attempt.

Amy at Heartfelt Greetings had a challenge for creating your own business cards. Since I have a dire need for business cards, and never allow myself the time to work on it, I decided this was the challenge for me! It's practical, functional, and sooooo necessary in my case!

After making these two as a warm up, I started playing with another idea. Totally different color scheme and layout! After all, it has to be something you can mass produce. Who can spend an hour on one business card?

Then I decided I should check Amy's blog to see if we are supposed to email her the files, or post them on our blog and just send her a link. I couldn't remember. WELL......much to my surprise, when I got to her blog I realized that the deadline was midnight last night....NOT tonight. Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!

Oh's all good! It got me off my rump to think about designing my business cards, which is probably the only way it would have gotten done.

Great challenge Amy.....thanks for the inspiration! There are some fabulous cards entered. Be sure to check them out!

I got some fun stamping done this afternoon, so I will have more for you this week. And DO NOT forget to enter for the blog candy. Someone has to would be you!


Melissa said...

Well dang it! They turned out great anyway!

jackie said...

Too bad you didn't get to submit...these are GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Both are great don't know which i would pick.