Friday, November 23, 2007

Calendars for the teachers...

You must indulge me. You know I don't do this much. Okay, I'm about to sound like every other grandmother in America, but my grandchildren are sooooooooo special! Really! LOL!

After dinner last night (and before) my 7 and 5 year old grandsons worked on these calendars for their teachers at school. I did a little of the stamping ahead of time, but I let them select stamps for most of the pages. They did all the coloring by themselves with no help from me.

The pages on the left were done by Christian, my sweet 5 year old, and the pages on the right were done by Dylan, my adorable 7 year old.

A couple of funny stories....Dylan wanted to use a stamp that was too large for the page. It was a turkey stamp for November. When I told him that it would be too big for the space he said, "Well Mimi, if we put a piece of paper over the numbers on the calendar then stamp, the ink won't get on the numbers." The child understands masking at age 7!!! How funny is that? LOL!

A little later Dylan brought me a puppy foot stamp that was very bold, not an outline stamp. He said, "I could use this on one of my pages, but we would have to color on the rubber with a marker." I HAD to laugh out loud! Of course, no one in the house got it but me. Obviously, we've had that lesson before! Too darned funny! He's going to be a Stampin' Kub for sure, isn't he?

I wanted you to see the front of each of their calendars when they were finished. They were soooooo proud of them, and I was too!

As they left to go home, calendars in hand, Dylan said, "I love my calendar, Mimi. It's so much fun to make things with you." Before a tear could drop from my eye, little Christian hugged me and said, "You're the best Mimi EVER!"

A good day, indeed! :-)


mimiburroughs said...

How precious...aren't grands the greatest? Christian's story brought tears to my eyes too! How blessed we are to have such precious grandchildren! My Zoe Beth just left...and we're quite down tonight! But what a wonderful time we've had these last 10 days, even though she's been sick since Sat! Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving!

Joan B said...

How adorable. They sound special to me. As the parent of a child with fine motor issues, I can see that your grandchildren have pretty advanced fine motor skills for their ages. Plus they got to spend time with you! This calendar is a keeper.

Beth said...

What a cute idea for their teachers! Your grandsons sound adorable and they did a wonderful job on their calendars.

Carol said...

aren't grandkids the best? It's so cute to hear them use our familiar stamping terminology when it's least expected! They're like little sponges, taking in everything they hear! LOL Such cute calendars and I'm sure they had fun making them too:) You really are a great "Mimi" :)

Pam Speidel said...

OH how FUN! Your grandchildren must simply LOVE to visit you! :)
Great idea to teach them to make something as a gift.