Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unexpected guests dropped in

Last night I had some unexpected guests drop in. After work I went for my walk, as I do most every day. Upon arriving back home, as I walked through my front door I noticed some movement in the back yard. To my surprise, I found three ducks swimming in my pool! And since the pool is salt water I thought it was even more unusual. I do so wish the grands had been here to see that. They would have gotten a real kick out of it! Oh well, at least I can show them the pictures.


donna g said...

Toooooo cute Michelle! Thanks for sharing.

SpAzzGiRL said... do you get ducks out of a pool? keep ducks out of a pool? LOL

Jan Scholl said...

hey, that fat one looks like my pet duck Reggie-send him home will ya?