Saturday, April 21, 2007


I've been Jessica at Wild Rose Stamper. Please check out her blog here Thanks Jessica! Your blog is just awesome!

The object of being tagged is to list 5 of your favorite blogs. I have soooo many blogs that I frequent, and I know that all of them have already been tagged (at least once). Too bad I can only pick five!

I wish I could tell you that these are all my blogging buddies, but the truth is that I'm so far down the food chain that they really don't even know I exist. But that's's not about that. It's about sharing inspiration......and they all have plenty of it!

Stamping and Stuff - Emily does such awesome work, and I am always in awe. If you haven't visited her blog , do yourself a favor and go there now! I promise you will find something to CASE!

Twisted Chick Creations - Michelle's style is one I aspire to. Always fresh, always inspiring. I totally love the "shabby chic" thing that she does!

Fresh and Fun - If you haven't heard of Beate, then you are really new to blogging, and in for a treat! Do youself a favor and check out her blog. Her work is always top notch, and she has some great tutorials!

Prairie Paper & Ink - Amy has such style! Her creations are totally over the top! And I she has a Blog Candy giveaway going right now! She is a designer for several of my favorites, and she never seems to run out of original ideas!

Paper Truffelz - Julie is totally amazing! She is on the design team for A Muse Artstamps, as well as others. She does some very cool stuff! Be sure to check out her blog!

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