Monday, April 23, 2007

Hero Arts - Wild Thang!

You make my heart make everything groovy. Okay.........I know...I'm reliving my youth here. But it was fun for the moment. Admit it. You remember that song! LOL!

While I was cleaning off my desk this weekend, I saw this Hero Arts Playful Animals set was still sitting there from a couple of weeks ago when I used the lion. So I decided that before I put it away in the drawer, where it rightfully belongs, I needed to make just one more card with it.

This is a fun card. Those of you who know me realize that this is really not my style. I prefer the more elegant cards. But for some reason, this set just speaks to me. (Not out loud, or course!)

I stamped the images on watercolor paper with VersaFine Black Onyx ink, then used Tombow markers to watercolor. When I finished I thought the background of the watercolor paper was much to stark and white, so I used Ranger Butterscotch ink to sponge out some of the whiteness. (Is that a real word?) The animal print paper is from my stash. The back of the paper says it's from NRN Designs, but honestly, I must have had it for eons!

I wanted a sentiment stamp that said something like "Wild about You", but of course, with the gazillions of stamps I have....that isn't one of them, darn it. So I just chose something small that would work with the design.

Fun.....and friendly card. And you know my grands will get it in the end. After's all about them, isn't it? That's what Mimis do. :-)

So.........who's gonna get kicked off of Dancing With The Stars?????? Any opinions out there?


Kelli C. said...

I LOVE this card!

Julia Stainton said...

Ok...I admit it! I remember it and now I'm singing along! Love your card! it's the perfect wild thing card!

Jason Sampson said...

This is a really cute card.

TAG! your it...see my blog for the details

Vicki said...

This is just TOO cute!! Love it!