Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Okay....I hate this

but something weird is going on with the blog photos. I'll see what I can do to get it fixed then we'll be back up and running.



StampOwl said...

You aren't alone here - I have been trying to post something for a while too without much luck - not much point without photos. I have done a bit of a search and I believe it is a maintance issue - on the right side of screen it mentions something about Picasa Web Albums and that we won't be able to post photos - hopefully it will be fixed soon :)

Allison said...'s all over the place. I used my webshots account instead.

Maria said...

Don't worry. . .it seems like it's Blogger's issue. I thought it was only my blog being affected but after looking through several blogs, everyone was saying the same thing.

Jan Scholl said...

90% of the blogs I read from blogger are no photos. I tried to upload some of mine to post and even the post button wont work. I hope google isnt taking lessons from Yahoo.

Michelle (Lady2cu on SCS) said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. I'm glad to know it wasn't something stupid I was doing! :-)