Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NEW from Penny Black!

I must admit that I'm glued to the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. So this is the best post I can do under the circumstances! NEW Penny Black stamps just arrived! Be sure to see them in the store, or click on New Arrivals to see all the new products!

So...who's gonna win???


Marilyn Hitterman said...

I was glued, too, and now I'm so happy that Donnie won!!! (Hope you were a fan, too. If not, sorry, Michelle! Yikes...) But I do love all your new things, especially your kitchen stamp sets! I love so many of your supplies - as you already know from my ordering history. When I get back on my feet health-wise, I'll be ordering again.

resmith said...

I just stay away from this season! I was routing for Donnie the whole time. I am so glad he won!!
These are such great new releases!!