Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Stamps from Penny Black and Whiff of Joy!

New stamps just arrived from Penny Black and also from Whiff of Joy . This is only a small sampling of them, so be sure to check the store to see them all! And remember, you can always click on New Arrivals to see what's new in the store.


Gabriela said...

Oh geez Michelle. Now you've gone and done it! Shall I just refer my husband and CFO to you when my VISA bill arrives in the mail? I'll tell you what: I'll purchase both these Penny Black sets, and you can listen to my husband piss and moan about charging them to the credit card. It's not pretty. But your new Penny Black acrylic sure is!

Joan Ervin said...

GASP!!!!!!!!! How can I live without these adorable stamps!!!???!!! Sighhhhhhhhh