Saturday, October 18, 2008

See my new look?

My super talented friend Sara of Tweaks & Designs has made some great new tweaks to my blog! Be sure to check them out so you're familiar with where everything is now. A lot of things aren't where they used to be. my age there is a lot I could say about that, but I'll leave it there! LOL!

I'll explain more about some of the new features in my post tomorrow.

Thanks Sara.....I absolutely love it!


Rosette said...

Hi Michelle, your blog is always a pleasure to visit! And so must be your store :) Well you are in my blogroll as one of my favourites, so I do come and visit often. Lovely work Sara!
Happy Sunday ;)

Denise (peanutbee) said...

The new format looks GREAT, Michelle!

Gabriela said...

Sara did a great job re-formating your blog. If it was easy to read before, it's certainly easier to read now. Is Sara planning any color changes to your blog to mimic the season? You're lucky to have Sara in your life. I wish I had a friend like Sara to lend a creative hand. Congrats on the new look. You wear it well, my dear.

mudmaven said...

Looks great - as always! ~chris

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new look!!!!