Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I need a husband.....

Actually, I don't think I want one TO KEEP, I just need one to take care of a few things around here. Sunday night I had two light bulbs out in the kitchen ceiling. When I built my house a couple of years ago I insisted on having high 20 feet high! I like the open spacious feel of it. What I didn't count on was having to change the light bulbs. Geez....what a pain! I have one of those long thingys that you buy for changing light bulbs you can't change any other know, AS SEEN ON TV? I could tell you long and hilarious story about climbing up and down the ladder, always having the wrong attachment on the darned thingy, then the screw fell out and I had to climb down for about the 10th time. Under my breath I was saying words that you would not want a child to hear...ever! When I finally finished (and I won't tell you how long THAT was) I began to laugh. The only thing that came to mind was that old joke...."How many Aggies does it take to change a light bulb?" I went to LSU, by the way. No Aggies in THIS house! LOL!

THEN...last Sunday evening I started to go out the laundry room door into the garage/warehouse to get some items to package for shipping. Between me and my car's back tire was a snake. read that right. And where were my garden tools to hit him with? On the OTHER side of the garage!

So....being the quick witted intelligent woman I am, I picked up my car keys, got in my SUV and started driving back and forth, in and out of the garage more than a dozen times, hoping to run over him. I didn't. And I have NO IDEA where the sucker is! If my neighbors saw that, surely they think I've lost it!

If I had a husband he could take care of these things that are mechanical or icky and drive me nuts. Of course, then I might have to perform sexual maybe I should give that more thought, huh?

I have a card for you, but didn't have time to get it photographed, so I will post it tomorrow night. In the meantime, here are a few of the new things in the store that arrived tonight! You can find all of them in either the Basic Grey or the Inkadinkado section.

And don't forget that I will announce the winner of the Stamper's Dreamy Challenge tomorrow night! If you haven't finished your card and linked it to THIS POST , don't delay. Tomorrow night is the night! :-)


Atty said...

Oh my gosh you are sooooooooooo funny. If you had a hubby you might have to make room for him in the garage...LOL Coming to your blog is always a treat even if you didn't get your card posted. Thanks for the laugh and can't wait to see your next creation.

Sandy said...

You made me laugh!!! I feel you pain with that snake. Got plenty of those here in Gulf Breeze. We had a mouse/rat get in my husband's convertible in the garage so we had to leave it outside the garage with the doors open all night to see if it would come out...not to mention being at Wal-Mart at midnight buying mouse traps. We had 20 foot ceilings in our former house and we had sconces way up high that I never knew how we'd ever change the bulb in because of the placement of the built-in cabinets and shelving below...but we sold that house and moved before having to change those bulbs.

Thanks for the very fast shipping! I got my package so quick. And I love all the cards you make. I'm going to do one of your challenges some day!


Gabriela said...

It's 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I had BEEN asleep but now I'm not. My alarm is set to go off in 3 hours and I can't sleep. Fabulous - just fabulous! Thankfully, I have your blog to keep me company, (ahem) snakes notwithstanding. I can't believe you shipped my order within an hour of having placed it. At least that's what the order confirmation indicated. Can't wait to receive your goodies. Your new Basic Grey products are irresistable. Love those coordinating "peppermint brads". Love them I tell you!

Rosette said...

What a laugh!!! :) But I think I might have done the same.. having that snake that near to me!!
Thesae BG papers and brads are super delicous!! I will NEED them I think! :)
I wish I was paer of your team! lol

Anonymous said...

that story was hilarious!!! I'm still laughing, thanks!!!!

Carol said...

Michelle, you're too funny in the way you describe things LOL I'd be happy to loan you my DH to change lightbulbs and eliminate snakes, but I have an odd feeling you'd STILL be doing those things on your own! He hates snakes! LOL I guess life is just a DIY thing, KWIM?
I'm glad you're OK in spite of your snake scare. I can just visualize your neighbors watching your frantic driving in/out of the garage and I'm hysterical just thinking about it! LOL
Thanks for giving us some very amusing food for thought - I really enjoyed this post :)

Laurie Schmidlin said...

OH * MY * GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I start???? First, Michelle that card is the BOMB!!! Seriously!!! I'm so glad you got "distracted" because those colors were just meant to be, I tell ya!

Second, I laughed so hard about the light bulbs!!! I laughed because I had that SAME problem!!! Darn vaulted ceilings!!! :-)

And about the, I have to say that I will take the snow long as there are no snakes!!!! YIKES!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!!

Charlene H. said...

OMGosh that would totally freak me out if there was a snake in my garage and I didn't know where it went to. I started wearing my shoes in the house and now I'm not scared (so much) of spiders anymore because I can just squish them. But a snake! You can't just stomp on one of those. Thanks for making me laugh - that was one funny story!