Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More new rubbah!

Okay...I admit it. I am a BAD blogger! It's been days since I've posted! And I don't even have a card for you! But I DO have new stamps!

For all you Northwoods lovers, there are some fabulous new stamps in the store!

The first one is my new personal favorite, and I can't wait to ink it up! It's Northwoods Wispy Witch . And there are a couple of great sentiments also listed that go with it. LOTS of possibilities, and it looks like so much fun to color!

This stamp is Northwoods Spooky Rooftops . And there are two great sentiments that go well with it. One is If The Boom Fits...Ride It , and the other is Stop In For A Spell . Cute...or what! ? !

This beautiful stamp is Northwoods Pot with Poinsettia and Pine . Ohhhhh....this one has GREAT potential for making some fabulous Christmas cards, doesn't it? It's such a beautiful image!

This stamp is such a classic....and a perfect representation for the true spirit of Christmas. It's Northwoods We Three Kings . You will find the coordinating Wisemen sentiment in the store as well.

There are other new stamps....but I wanted to highlight just a few of my personal favorites for you.

I DO hope to find a little stamping time soon! It helps me maintain my sanity. Know what I mean? So I hope to be back soon. ..with more sanity! LOL!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Gabriela Divine said...

Well at least you posted SOMETHING! I was beginning to go through Stamper's Dream withdrawal. The Wispy Witch stamp is speaking to me. It's telling me to "get out your credit card - got OUTTTT your credit card!"

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

i was wondering what happened to you! thought maybe you went out of town or something (CHA maybe?). i got my little monogram stamper for my friend and she loved it! thanks--you really went the extra mile for me on my order!

Christi said...

All of these new stamps look awesome! I especially like that witch one! :)

Elaine said...

Great stamps! LOVE the poinsettia one!