Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas at Mimi's

I'll bet you thought you were not going to have to see the family Christmas pictures! LOL! Sorry, but I just couldn't resist posting a few of them.

It was such a beautiful day that it was impossible to keep the grands inside. My son told them he would give them $5 if they would rake Mimi's leaves. You can see that there wasn't a lot of raking going on, but oh, what fun they had!!! :-)

I got a kick out of Ryker's expression in this picture. He's the one in the red and white stripe shirt. He's such a little pill (to put it mildly)!

The tall good looking boy on the far left holding Ryker on his shoulders is my grandson Jacob. He will be getting his drivers license next month! Yikes! Gosh, that sure makes me feel old!

Family younger son, his wife and their four children. Yes, they are stair steps. Ashlyn is 3, Ryker is 5, Christian (the blonde) is 7, and Dylan will be 9 next month.

This is sweet little Ashlyn. Actually, she's not all that sweet. She has 5 older brothers to keep up with! My neice photoshopped this picture, and I just love it!

This is a note that my sweet Dylan wrote to me, and it's definitely a keeper. I call him my little artist because he loves to draw, color and make things. He gets that from his Mimi. :-)

Thanks so much for indulging me. I have a card ready for you, and hope to find the time to post it tonight.


mimiburroughs said...

How precious!!! I can't believe you have so many grandchildren!! You are so VERY BLESSED!!!!

Thanks for sharing and have a great 2009!!!

mudmaven said...

What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. Isn't being a grandma just the greatest! ~chris

Denise (peanutbee) said...

What a beeeeautiful family you have, Michelle! I love that sweet pic of Ashlyn and how it's all black and white except for her cool boots! ..and oh my word, those kind of notes are the BEST!! :)

Kimberly said...

you have an absolutely beautiful family!!!! I see why you are so proud!!!! :) :) :)
Have a very very very Happy New Year!!!! ((((HUGS))))

Gabriela said...

I love this post - the photos are wonderful, as are your grandkids. Thank you for sharing such preciousness with us. I can now check off one more action from my To Do list: "nag Michelle Rodgers to post grandkids pictures". Happy New Year my dear.

Carol said...

Oh Michelle, you are SO blessed with such a great-looking family! The children are all precious, even Ryker with his tongue sticking out! LOL The photoshopped photo is awesome and I wish I knew how to do that! The hand-drawn letter is the best! My 3-yr old granddaughter made me one this year too :) TFS your precious family photos :)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL family you have. And you know what? I love it that you posted these photos. No indulging of you at just put happy smiles on your blog o sphere friends.

Happy New Year to you and that wonderful family of yours!

Joan Ervin said...

Oh, my, Michelle, what a precious family!!! Looks like the kiddos had a ball.....sooo much fun!!! Isn't it just the greatest being a grandma!!! You will treasure that sweet little note forever!!! Have a wonderful New Years!!!

Silke said...

AWWW - thank you for sharing your family photo's!!! Your family is beautiful!!!

Auntie Em said...

Aren't grandchildren the best?!? I have six (three of each). I have saved little notes and cards as well since they are just too precious to throw away!
Thanks for sharing! :)