Friday, April 18, 2008

If Your Dog...Revised

I am always kidding myself when I say I'm going to make something quick and easy! LOL!

I just couldn't get happy with the ribbon on the first card. It seemed too light and pastel, and I felt the card needed more depth. I wanted to use brown, but none of the browns I have match the brown dot in the designer paper.

In my attempt to try to get happier with the card, I changed the ribbon and used two different May Arts ribbons together to get the colors I needed.

Better? or not? Either way, I'm moving on to something else. :-)


Cat said...

i really loved the first card, but this one looks MUCH nicer. i wouldn't have thought the ribbon diff would matter - but it's uber cute! TFS

Annapurna said...

Either way it looks pretty. Cute sentiment.

mimiburroughs said...

I like the bolder look too! Even turquoise or turq. and green would look good! Love the card...and those precious 'kiddy words'!

RobinK said...

I like both versions - I think the first ribbon mimics the background paper and the second one mimics the dog's collar.

Thank you for saying that it takes you 2 hours to labor over a design - I was beginning to think I was a real loser...I don't think I ever get a card done in less than an hour. I keep wondering how so many cardmaking bloggers can post card after card, day after day!

Jennifer said...

Both are darling and no one would have known either way.

Personally, I like the first best (but the 2nd is super cute too).

See? Either way, your cards are always so sweet!

Jennifer :)

Carol said...

I'd probably choose the darker ribbon on the 2nd card, but the ribbon didn't really draw my attention anyway. It's that darling stamp with the adorable fonts and sentiment! The bulldog is the perfect addition with the spiked collar. Too stinkin' cute!!

Stamp Talk with Tosh said...

I liked the first ribbon best....can you change it back?

Bwahahahahaha....just kidding!! Both work well depending on the look you are going for. The first one does make spike appear a little softer. The second one says he doesn't like who he's lookin' at. He ain't lookin' at me...I know that. Love the the card....the jury is still out with spike....he looks temperamental. LOL

Carolyn King said...

Love them both---the ribbon definitely sets a different tone for the dog---

funny---tempermental is totally what I think too! lol! love this and that quote is precious!