Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What A Day!

I am just about the worst photographer ever!

Yesterday was great, full of laughter and craziness. When you have 6 grandchildren at these ages, added to the excitement of Christmas at Mimi's, chaos is guaranteed!

The first picture is when we're getting ready to blow out the candles on Jesus' birthday cake. Little Jacob (the one in the center with the blue shirt) is the one who asked for the purple birthday cake. I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face when he first saw it. He was sooooooo excited! We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, and that made the event complete!

Yes, one of them got a 4-wheeler...but not from me! They rode it in my front yard for the longest time, taking turns and being pretty sweet about sharing. The only one missing from this picture is my 14-year old grandson. I'm not sure where he was at the moment. Probably inside the house playing Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii.

Funny, a month or so ago I didn't even know what a Wii WAS! Now I'm well versed. I also got them Dance Revolution. They all rolled in the floor laughing hysterically when it was my turn to dance to it. I am particularly thankful that no one had a camcorder handy! That would have been blackmail material for sure! LOL!
Just a sweet picture of Christian (age 5) and one of his younger brothers, Ryker (age 4). I just liked the sweet expression on Christian's face. And it is one of the few photos that I didn't screw up. LOL!

Christian is in the loving stage. He came to hug me at least 3 or 4 different times throughout the day, kissing me each time saying, "Mimi, I love you so much!"

Is he the perfect child, or what? I am a lucky lady, indeed! :-)

My BIG disappointment of the day was this last picture. I don't know what in the heck I did wrong, but it's awful. Too much light from the tree, maybe? I took 3 shots, and this was the best of the 3. It just breaks my heart that I screwed this one up. Big bummer!

The only one missing from this picture was little Ashlyn. She is 2...and good at it. She was having some kind of melt down at the time so she had been banned to a time out. LOL!

So sorry to bore you with bad photographs and pics of grandchildren. I try not to do that often, but these are all special to me. ..even the bad ones.

I'm working on a card for tomorrow night. so things will get back to normal soon.

Thanks so much for humoring me, and for stopping by!


Carol said...

aww Michelle, you have such a beautiful family and such wonderful memories! Don't let a couple less-than-perfect photos ruin a perfect day for you! We can see how gorgeous those children are:) I'm sure you're a wonderful Mom and MiMi to them all:) I enjoyed seeing the little ones and hearing about your special Christmas with them! TFS those precious moments in your life with us:) oh, and I LOVE purple cakes:)

Kathi said...

Love seeing your "babies". I can't imagine 6 in one place at one time and you've lived to tell us about it and show pictures!!! I'm the one having a meltdown when my 4 are all together in the same place!!!! It's pretty wild with a 1 yr old, a 2 yr old, a 4 yr old and a 5 yr old!!

Katie said...

Aw, what sweet babies! Sounds like Mimi had a wonderful day! The purple cake looks delicious too! Katie